Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SWN and Unexpected Player Actions

Sometimes, the players get lucky.
Sometimes, the players blow the barn doors open.

Let it ride, I say....they very well could have lost half the party this time, and they didn't.

I love being surprised.

Major spoilers for Hard Light follow:

You've been warned.....

The PCs decided to make an unannounced visit to Empty Graves while Roland Lomax was there. They ended up shooting the place up. Allias got dropped but Mindy saved him with a Lazarus patch. Mindy was about one shot away from being dropped herself. Mike and Nathan fought Captain Ramsey, but his inability to roll above a 9 in combat gave them a relatively easy victory. A timely bluff over the intercom by Nathan managed to get the last few pirates to surrender. The PCs decided to spare Gerta, for some reason. Prisoners have been delivered. They cleaned out Empty Graves.
Oh, and Mindy executed Roland Lomax because of his plans to do terrible, terrible things to her. (She learned this via judicious use of Telepathy)

The PCs can now prove that Empty Graves was a den of slavery and abuse. They have no justification for executing Lomax beyond telepathic gleaning. We'll see how that plays out next time. 

The PCs are now deciding if they are going to take over Empty Graves, use it as an ambush spot to attack pirates, become pirates themselves, or continue trying to study and revive the Ushan race. (While simultaneously selling their grave ornaments for cash monah.)

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