Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Games A-Go-Go

Stars Without Number is going very well.

The PCs fended off a pirate raid on the station. Mindy's character got taken out but narrowly saved with biopsionics.

I'm interested to see how the PCs are reacting to the station's bizarre and incestuous (not literally) political situation. Meanwhile, they are preparing for another dungeon crawl into the sky tombs.

I'm trying to run this as a "politics optional" campaign. The PCs, if they wanted, could just ignore that stuff and raid sky tombs for artifacts and whatnot. (Well, they couldn't ignore the pirate raid, but you get the idea) I have no storyline, no agenda. The PCs are free to do what they will.

I have been trying to keep the campaign wiki updated, but goddamn is that ever work-intensive. I have this list of planets that I need to create entries for, but man... that's a time sink. I want to have an encyclopedia or knowledge for my SWN milieu and the goings-on in the campaign, but I just don't know if I'm going to have the energy to keep it rolling. Incidentally, most people I know who do Obsidian Portal sites or wikis tend to let them fall by the wayside sooner or later. (Usually sooner)

Oh, and I moved the game from the comic shop to my house. With the group size whittled down to me and six players, I can actually accommodate the game in my basement. I have this...thing...where I really, really prefer to run my own campaigns in my own house. I still head down there on Thursdays to play Beyond the Supernatural, though.

Speaking of which... Beyond the Supernatural is going very well, too.
Last session was oddly combat-heavy. My normally wimpy character found his courage and actually did pretty well against an overwhelming foe. It seems, though, that the more we investigate this mystery, the less we actually know. I'm creeping toward 4th level.

I have to miss my Sunday game this week. I have waaaaaay too much prep work to do for the school year (starting this week-- eeek!) and I need another afternoon or two to get my rooms set up and ready to roll. Still, two outta three ain't bad. Meatloaf never lies.

Still working on my B/X hack. I think I'll just post the (very short) magic section and the flavor section and I'm done. Will I get to run it? Who knows... but I'm glad I did it. It's been good mental exercise.

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