Thursday, September 27, 2012

An old gaming memory

So I recently had this hazy flashback to the early 1990's, when I bought what I believe was a 'zine in a local gaming store. (Or rather my dad bought it for me, because I was in fifth grade.)

I remember this thing had a setting for Fantasy HERO that was supposed to be Pangaea.
I remember it described Drow as "intensely clannish.
I remember that, according to dwarven custom, it was polite to make a lot of noise when eating (to show you enjoyed the food) and to leave some uneaten on your plate. (To show that you weren't a glutton)
I remember that there was a phrase, "lahd mah", meaning "contentment is" that was used before a toast. I remember there were some rejoinders printed for partygoers to shout back.

There was an adventure for Champions called "Hot House" that involved a latent super who had been laid off at a factory, and every time he takes damage, he exudes more heat, threatening to cause the chemicals to explode. So of course, a group of supervillains pick the day of the layoff to attack the factory... they were pretty lame villains: Master of Science, his sidekick Crossbow, and...I don't actually remember the third villain. There were also some stats for heroes and villains, but I don't think they were related to the adventure.

I tried typing in some phrases and things I remember into google, but even that mighty search engine couldn't pull up any internet archive of said 'zine. (Morningstar? Is that what it was called?) Given that this was two years before I would ever surf the internet for the first time, I very much doubt anybody bothered to put it online or archive it electronically in any way.

Bizarre that I just remembered this, after something like two decades of having forgotten all about it. I wonder what else was in that 'zine that I don't remember? I wonder what odd little fantasy race customs and other tidbits have perhaps subconsciously influenced my gaming all along.

I think I need to write Christian a letter...maybe I can coax him to send me one of his 'zines.


  1. It was probably the Adventurer's Club.

  2. If you browse through the issue descriptions, let me know what you need and I'll hook a brother up.

    Every once in a blue moon an old zine from the 80s will arrive at my door. I own just a few, but I really dig them. They are such neat artifacts and so formal and well thought out compared to the various other fanizes of the age.