Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another boxed set...with an added bonus

Today I was down at the used bookstore when I happened upon a boxed set of Knight Hawks, the spaceship expansion for Star Frontiers. It was six bucks. I grabbed it...and thought it seemed a little heavy. It was rubber-banded shut, so I just bought it blind.

The bad news: It's missing the spaceship chits and some of the stuff for the "boardgame" part of Knight Hawks.

The good news: It contained extra copies of all the books in Alpha Dawn, plus six modules for Star Frontiers! It also contained the stats for an AD&D beholder, written on a 3x5 note card. It did have the rpg/campaign stuff for spaceships, even if the boardgamey stuff was missing.

I think the stuff for SF is all available online, so if I ever really have a burning desire to play Knight Hawks, I can just download the counters and put some cardstock in my printer.

...realistically, though, I'm more likely to just convert it all to SWN. ;)


  1. Hehe sounds like a great find. I memory only has a distant recollection of Star Frontiers, but I think I liked it.

  2. I love finds like that! Like the badly-battered/taped-corners/crushed-lid Moldvay Basic boxed set, which I got dirt-cheap on EBay, that turned out to be filled to overflowing with mint-condition modules :)