Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Reaper Goodness

I got my link to the Reaper Kickstarter Pledge Manager thingie today.
I traded in my miniature of Sophie, because I have no use for it in any of the games I would run with minis. (D&D, SWN, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds) I used the credit to get the "Orcpocalypse" pack, which is a buch of orcs. I also plunked down a little extra to get a miniatures case, because I have absolutely no idea where I'd put them otherwise.

If I were younger and without obligations, I probably would have just bought one of every add on. Sadly, the days of ramen noodles and student aid paying my rent are long over. I can always buy more Bones minis when they hit the market, and in fact I almost certainly will.

Dan keeps telling me I ought to paint the minis, but I'm afraid I have no skill at it. I used to be decent when I was a kid (decent for a kid, anyway) but I haven't painted a mini in something like 20 years. I still have a case of unpainted minis from those days. I'm also afraid that the cost of getting a respectable, diverse paint set (which I did not have when I was younger, meaning that lots of dudes had red and blue color schemes going on with their clothing) would be more spending cash than I have or would want to part with.

Oh, there's also the fact that my free time has once again become kind of a premium thing, and I'm not sure I'd want to devote the time to painting an army of....geez, I think the total now is something like 260 miniatures...

Yes, I bought more miniatures in one fell swoop than I think I've owned in my entire life.

In other news, I was invited to play Rogue Trader tomorrow, as well as my (presumably) standing invitation to go back to the old Sunday group, but I have a looooot of lesson planning to do tomorrow.  I will probably be home working all day.

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