Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some New Old Stuff

Ok, so...I bought some old games.

-Space: 1889, not the original rules but a reprint of them that was done in 2000. Marc Miller was apparently involved in the design of the system. This shows in the career rules, which aren't as neat as Traveller but are fun regardless.

-Villains & Vigilantes, an old printing of it. (Cost me two bucks!) I'm absolutely not down with the "play yourself with ability scores assigned by committee" thing, because that's just begging for some sour feelings. Luckily, the stats are all rated from 3-18... 
The big beauty of this game is that it's a mere 47 pages. A supers game in 47 pages?! Madness!
Plus, I like Jeff Dee's artwork. 

-Castles & Crusades PHB, an early printing. It was two bucks. I mainly bought it to reference the SIEGE Engine and do see another take on the old school/new school hybrid concept.

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