Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good idea, internet...

So a recent term used to find my blog was "OSR Al-Qadim."

I'd love to see something like this come out of the OSR.


  1. Holy crap you ain't kidding. That would be brilliant! Just think, with the tools we have under the OGL already, what kinds of settings the OSR could generate?

  2. Reqason I never ran Al-Qadim, back when I had half a dozen of its product line? Even with a limited run, it was still too many thick/bulky gaming products to haul to the gaming table.

    An OSR version, with a rule/sourcebook 64 or 96 pages at most, and a few simple 32 and 48 page modules and other supplements, I'd definitely buy - 'cos it's that or scour EBay for copies of GURPS' Arabian Nights and Ottoman Empire

  3. Al-Quadim was, to my mind, always the best setting nobody cared about.

    I wasn't there when it was a big deal, but I did see lots of ads in the older magazines for this Al-Quadim product and that, but it just seemed like everybody was too wrapped up in Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms to really give it a chance.

  4. Yeah, I was actually working on something like this...on-hold at this point, however.

  5. Come on, JB....get it together. We need B/X Space Opera, B/X Shadowrun, and B/X Al-Qadim. Things like a "day job" and "family" are hardly any excuse for this level of tardiness.