Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Latest Crazy Ass Purchase

Surfing on Drive Thru RPG, I chanced across a collection of house rules used by a college gaming club from 1981-1987. It includes the races, classes, spells, and optional rules they used for a very long running campaign. The purchase set me back two bucks.

Holy crap this stuff is nuts. They seem to be the quintessential DIY Old School gaming group: stables of characters, gods with silly names, bizarre classes (some culled from Dragon Magazine, some likely from a night of binge drinking), inside jokes... it's a very interesting artifact to study.

Some of this stuff is definitely worth a look: they revised the monk class in a way I found pleasing, and they presented a simplified AD&D weapon table. They also created a psionicist character class, though they seem to still use the AD&D1 psionics rules. There is a critical hit table that greatly rewards the wearing of helmets and the use of shields, often negating the horrid anatomical side effects of the crit.

On the other hand, this bundle also contains what is essentially a prostitute character class, and samurai who can cast illusionist spells. A mixed bag, indeed.

I love seeing how other people do things. I might print some of the pages out to put in a binder.

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  1. I think both White Dwarf and Judges Guild had prostitute classes ("houri"), so it could be just that. And magical samuraris were likely from the game Wizardry...