Thursday, October 25, 2012

SWN Broad Milieu Outline

I'm going to be posting more of my SWN stuff. I'm still trying to throw off a nasty upper respiratory infection, and my current workload is brutal (grading mid-terms for five sections), so I will begin with very general outlines  and gradually add detail.

In my SWN universe, human space in the post-Silence era is composed of four sectors. I shall describe them in extremely brief terms and broad strokes:

Atragon Sector: Decadent Squabbling Technocracy locked in a perpetual semi-cold war with the Greek City States in Spaaaaaaaaace. A clan of wandering space-barbarians fight as mercenaries for both sides. In one corner a small religious tanshuman cult pursues a creepy hidden agenda. In the middle are a bunch of tomb worlds that everyone squabbles over. Atragon sector is considered backwards and anachronistic by the rest of human space. To be fair, death by sword is still a somewhat common occurrence on many of the worlds here. 

Ceres Sector:
Evil Space Empire is trying to steamroll plucky individualist planets. One of the planets is a crazy Chinese Cyberpunk planet that does not want to play nice with anyone. The corporate masters of Guangxi believe that Evil Space Empires are bad for free enterprise, so they're going to have to cooperate with the independent planets to keep things nice and capitalistic. There are also Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Orcs, but they aren't bad guys once you get to know them. 

Nirvana Sector: Ancient India, Ancient Babylon, and Ancient Africa in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Slightly more mystical than the rest of space. Home to some strange and esoteric psychic disciplines. This sector of space has advanced pre-tech nanotechnology as well. 

Hydra Sector: Detailed in the SWN corebook...just in case I wanted to use any of that stuff. Hydra Sector is considered the melting pot of human space. 

More details to follow. 

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