Monday, October 15, 2012

SWN House Rules (Advanced)

Being a collection of house rules I intend to use for my SWN campaigns. Races will probably be different for every campaign.

Character Creation
1.) Players may play Warriors, Experts, or Psychics. (Artificial Intelligence PCs are not allowed at this time)
2.)In addition to humans, the following alien races are available as PCs: hochog, ssath (SWN core book), qotah (Mandate Archives), and three races of my own creation: eldreth, ti'zi'ri, and solii.
3.) 1st level PCs begin with maximum possible hit points.
4.) Experts may treat Dexterity as one of their Prime Abilities if so desired.
5.) Warriors and Experts may take a variant special ability in lieu of their class' default special ability.
6.) Psychics receive a bonus based on their chosen primary discipline.
7.) Players may use material from the following SWN supplements to create a character: Skyward Steel, Darkness Visible, and the Mandate Archives (Martial Arts, Qotah, Red Sangha Mercenary Corps.) Material from any other source must be cleared by me first.

Character Advancement
1.) Additional hit points are determined by rolling a single Hit Die, modified by Constitution, and adding it to the character's previous total. (In other words, we roll hit points like standard D&D instead of SWN's rules.) Warriors may re-roll a 1 or 2 on a Hit Die. If a second 1 or 2 is rolled, it stands.

2.) Every character may have one skill at which they are a natural, chosen at character creation. The character does not need to train in order to increase this skill. Note that this must be a specific skill: a character who is a natural at Combat/Projectile still needs to train Combat/Energy, etc.

1.) The roll of a natural 20 may be a critical hit: on such a roll, the PC makes a Luck save. If successful, the attack inflicts double damage and a setback (determined by GM fiat: lose next round, armor damaged and AC worsens by 1, weapon disarmed, movement rate decreased, etc.)
Note: if the PC ordinarily cannot hit an opponent mathematically, (due to negative armor class, etc.) a natural 20 manages to hit the target, but there is no chance for a critical hit.

2.) The roll of a natural 1 may be a critical fumble. The PC may make a Luck save to avoid catastrophe. If the saving throw is failed, the character suffers some kind of setback determined by the GM. Typical examples including falling over and losing the next combat round, accidentally shooting a friend near the target (a separate attack roll should be made, as the comrade's armor may save him), the weapon jamming (requiring a 2d6 skill check of the appropriate Combat skill to clear), etc.
Note: If the attack would hit the target automatically (a very high level character shooting an unarmed opponent, for instance) the roll of a natural 1 is still a miss, but there is no danger of a critical fumble.

3.) Unarmed damage is only 25% real, with the rest being "subdual" damage that fades at the rate of one point per ten minutes. Characters using a martial art should consult the GM; some martial arts are far more brutal. Characters using kinesis wraps or armored gauntlets inflict ordinary damage.
At the GM's option, some weapons may be used to subdue instead of kill. This typically imposes a -4 penalty to the attack roll, and some weapons may inflict 50% real damage or just be impossible to subdue with. Ranged attacks cannot typically be subdual attacks.Stun rods (described in the rulebook) inflict 100% subdual damage, and similar weapons may exist.

Experience Points
1.) Points shall be awarded for combat: 100 xp/HD die, with special abilities (multiple attacks, poison, extremely low natural AC, psionics, etc.) adding an extra 25/HD/ability.
Example: 1HD space pirate- 100 exp
               3 HD transhuman cultist with psionic ability and two attacks per round: 450 xp.
Creatures that surrender or are otherwise "defeated" without being killed are worth xp.
Creatures that are no threat to the PCs are worth nothing.

2.) Points shall be awarded for artifacts taken from ruins: 1 xp/credit sold for. Ships are not worth any xp.
3.) XP shall be awarded for "quests" or major goals completed; typically expressed as a percent of the "average award" in the SWN rulebook. (25%, 50%, etc.) 
4.) Jeff Rient's carousing table may be used to spend credits for additional experience. Use at your own peril; no ability which allows re-rolls can alter the results of the carousing table.

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