Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another good idea from the internet

One phrase recently used to find my blog: "using dinosaur swamp with mutant future."


I've actually thought about such a project in the past. The PCs would probably be lost Coalition personnel, stranded in Dino Swamp after a mission gone wrong. Dinosaurs and lots of big lasers and rockets to shoot them with, and no pesky ass tour guide telling you to get back on the metal path.

It might be a fun thing to run over Winter Break...if any of my local gamers have some time off during the day. (Dan, Mike...looking at y'all)

I'll always stick to my (mega-damage) guns that RIFTS books make better source books for games other than RIFTS.


  1. LOL, I think that was me doing that search!!!

  2. I've long had a thought of pitching a campaign of pulpy lost world action in which the PCs are stone age tribesmen living in a dinosaur-infested swamp. You run a couple sessions along those lines--and then a Splugorth Slaver shows up and makes off with half your village. Hey, guess what? It was a Rifts campaign all along! Remainder of campaign is primitive PCs going out into the big bad world Quest for Fire/Gods Must Be Crazy-style to rescue their kidnapped kin. Imagine how exciting it would be to lay your hands on a laser rifle after being confined to stone axes and atl-atls...

  3. What is the current market like for saurian meat?

  4. Pretty good in Dinosaur Swamp... but you'd best be prepared to barter, as your Coalition money is no good here. ;)