Monday, November 19, 2012

Jack in, chum- er, wait.. wrong game.

In preparation for further jobs on the cyberpunk-ish planet of Guangxi, I have been listening to nothing but Lazerhawk, Com Truise, and Power Glove for the past several hours.

The pros: I have a boat load of ideas for cyberpunk style jobs.

The cons: I wish I was running Cyberpunk 2020, and I now pine for the 80's with a deep, pervasive longing.

New fact about Guangxi: the farther you get from the "surface" levels, the closer you get to the aesthetic of a 1980's that never was.

Stats: Corporate Cyborg Hitman (Stars Without Number) Note: Whimsical, but only partly so

Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4+4
Attack bonus: +5
Damage: 3d4 combat shotgun, 1d8 fist
Skill Bonus: +3
No. Appearing: 1-4
Saving Throw: 13+
Movement: 30' or 60'
Morale: 12

Cyborg Hitmen usually appear as fairly generic, if well-muscled men, with close cropped hair and dark eyes. On Guangxi, they appear to be of Chinese decent. They typically wear big dark coats or finely tailored suits.
Cybord Hitmen typically employ heavy shotguns in combat, though their fists are formidable as well. On the roll of a natural 20, a Cyborg Hitman will heft a character up by his neck, peer soulessly into his eyes, and then throw him bodily into a wall, plate glass window, or conveniently stacked group of objects such as barrels or crates. This inflicts 2d6 damage and stuns the character for 1d4 combat rounds. A successful Physical Effect save halves the damage and simply results in loss of initiative the following round.

Combat Cyborgs are equipped with advanced optics and halve any penalties for range. They do not suffer from darkness penalties.

Cyborg Hitmen move at the same rate as a normal human when being directly observed. When not being observed, they are capable of moving at double the speed of a normal person, usually moving ahead of their target so they can come out from a sudden corner, door, or other "gotcha" spot. They will sometimes use their enhanced movement rate when pursuing vehicles.

Combat Cyborgs reduced to 10 hit points or less typically have their metal endoskeleton exposed. They also receive +2 to attack and damage in this state until repaired or destroyed.

A Combat Cyborg reduced to 0 hit points dies instantly, and his internal computers wipe any and all data with regards to his manufacturer or mission. Valuable secret technology also fuses inside of him, leaving a smoking and ultimately useless metal skeleton.

Combat Cyborgs receive +2 on all saving throws vs. psionic attacks. They cannot be healed or enhanced by biopsionics. They are considered to be maxed out on System Strain for all purposes.

To De-Whimsify This Monster: Remove the enhanced movement and choke throw special ability..also, write I AM LAME on your arm or forehead in black marker.


  1. > pine for the 80's with a deep, pervasive longing.

    If by 80's you mean the cyberpunk dystopia I imagined would arrive, you and me both, brother.

  2. Well, I sort of pine for both the real 1980's and for the future that the 80's promised. I wanted Gibson's Matrix and all I got was Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Fricken Terminators? Your putting Fricken Terminators down there? At least they'll be good xp. And it's not Dec 21 yet your dream can still come true ;)

  4. Well they have that brainwave user interface for quadruplegics, the army robot donkey, that Olympic guy with the shin-blades, and artificial muscles. But before those become useful we'll have vat-grown organs so nobody will want cyberware. We kinda skipped the awesome future and went straight to the boring but more effective future.

  5. Also if I'm double-lame should I write it on my forehead and arm, or twice in one place?

  6. Also if I'm double-lame should I write it on my forehead and arm, or twice in one place?

    Insufficient. You must have it tattooed on your flesh.