Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old School D&D Threads

Today I was at my favorite comic book store, and I saw a flyer for "official" D&D apparel. I have to say that I will have trouble resisting the urge to buy a t-shirt with the Holmes Basic cover picture on it.

Other models include the minotaur from Keep on the Borderlands and a t-shirt that has the old "dragon ampersand" that TSR used to slap on products back in the day.

I'm still not going to buy D&D Next, but I will totally rock the Holmes Basic shirt.

That is all.


  1. Did they have prices listed?

    They are available on-line for purchase here.

    $25, but the shipping is about $10 for the first shirt and $2 for additional ones. A bit pricey.

    1. Those are pricey, unfortunately. I can at least wait until they get them in stock at the comic store so I don't have to pay shipping. (I'm also close to filling up a discount card there, too...)