Saturday, November 10, 2012

SWN: Guangxi

Below is the first draft of the planet I originally created from a name and some random die rolls. 

Guangxi (Ceres Sector, Hex 0005)

Atomsphere: Breathable Mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 972,713
Tech Level: 4+ (Specialties in cybernetics and computer networking)  
Tags: Badlands World, Secret Masters
Reason for Colonization: Trade Hub
Government: Initially Military Dictatorship, evolved to Republic, devolved to Corporatocracy
Conflict: Freedom
Cultural Flavor: Chinese, Cyberpunk
Societal Traits: Factious, Ambitious

Guangxi was originally founded as a hub for the Terran Mandate. The idea is that Guangxi would supply the surrounding colonies. Governance was left to Mandate military commanders. After the Scream, the military broke into two factions, with civilian "contractors" forming a third. Pretech weapons were brought to bear on each other, rendering much of the planet uninhabitable.

After the dust settled, the new ruling faction found that it has earned only a Pyhhric victory against the other would-be regents of Guangxi, and cooperation with the civilian companies and means of production were necessary to the survival of all of Guangxi's inhabitants. Over the years, the planet formed something resembling a Republic.

In recent decades, the more wealthy and powerful tycoons and corporations have essentially subdued the elected bureaucrats through wealth and an endless system of lobbying and favor currying. The citizens are beginning to feel the effects of this, so the corporate occupied government has began to promote a hedonistic consumer culture among the middle and lower classes.

Guangxi excels in the fields of cybernetics and computer technology. Most of the implants in the Polychrome supplement have a near-equivalent on Guangxi.

Guangxi is currently officially neutral in the major conflict of Ceres Sector, which is a self-proclaimed Emperor being opposed by a loose confederation of independent worlds. Guangxi is selling weaponry and cyber-warfare countermeasures to the independent worlds, as well as enacting a number of plans to cause economic instability in the new "Empire" of Galaran- Empires are not good for business, after all.

Guangxi is a potentially lucrative venue for wandering adventurers. The corporations often oppose each other using covert, deniable contractors for discreet operations against each other's interests. 
(Shadowruns, baby.)

Guangxi never quite recovered from the ecological disaster of the Silence years. The people of the planet currently live in just a couple of large metropoli that are built upwards. The lower levels remain structurally sound, but the infrastructure is compromised in many places and it sends to be a honeycomb of slums ruled by gangs and third-rate companies that lost out in the dog-eat-dog corporate wars.

TL;DR: Chinese Shadowrun planet with cities like the big one from Final Fantasy VII.

Music to listen to when picturing Guangxi:
  Dizzying overhead view of ultra-modern Guangxi city (a la Blade Runner)

Running an op for one of the corporations

Slick but menacing business district where lives are bought and sold


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