Thursday, November 15, 2012

SWN: Voyage of the Albatross

I am presently running a little side campaign using Stars Without Number. "Voyage of the Albatross" isn't actually the campaign's name, but it's not a bad point of reference.

I have only two players. Their characters are:
-Eaverin Raideen  (5th level Psychic), a noble who belongs to one of the Hydrin Clans.
-Vrinn Hollow (5th level Qotah Expert), a former intelligence agent/hacker who joined the Clans.

Their NPC henchmen:
-Gustav Volkovic (3rd level Warrior), a mercenary rescued from captivity and hired on by the PCs.
-Dane Kestra Pedrana (3rd level Warrior), a Dane, or House Guard, of the Raideen Clan. She is the sworn protector of Eaverin and has been ordered to accompany him on his wanderings.

NPC Crew Hirelings:
-Sofia Lucullo,  skilled pilot/navigator, rescued from the same pirates who held Gustav.
-Adler Spiel, an engineer/mechanic who served on the same ship as Sofia. He was rescued from being turned into a zombie by a bizarre alien mold he accidentally unleashed while exploring some ruins. 

The game is sandbox style. We're on the second "leg" of the campaign right now. Having completed an expedition into an alien culture that gained the attention of Houses Raideen and Sashara, the party has been granted a small vessel, the Albatross. The party is currently docked at the starport of Guangxi. They've run a job on the planet and discovered how morally...flexible...operatives are expected to be. The party was hired to reclaim an asteroid belt mining/processing facility for a corporation, only to find out that the opposition were slave miners who had risen up against their captors and a group of unusually altruistic warriors sworn to help them. Thanks to clever party, they managed to complete the job, save the miners, and befriend the warriors... (frankly, I expected them just to blast everyone, take the money, and run.) We'll see if they're able to navigate their next job as adroitly.

I was skeptical about running with such a small group at first, but it's growing on me. At any rate, being a GM is in my blood; I'm just not truly satisfied unless I'm running something. 


  1. what things do you find challenge your psychic the most?

  2. Well, the psychic's player has been known to comment on my blog, so let's see if he answers that question.

    From a GM's perspective, I find that hard core combat challenges him the most- he can't seem to hit anything in a fight, and he also has the lowest hit point total in the group.

  3. When in the heat of a fight some some would see it as cowardly to hide behind the heavy mech I was driving and critisize that I didn't use it to attack the fact that I was healing them in combat and I was able to use forced outcome to cause the enemy heavy machine gun to jam. I think a psychic should know their limitations as well as abilities and in practice you would see why the mandate troops had them on the battle field and protected them like the code talkers of WWII.

  4. Nah, it wasn't criticism... it's just something I wish someone had done for the sheer insanity of it. I'm actually not sure you'd have been able to pilot it.

    Your use of Precog 5 was sheer brilliance, btw.

  5. And the fact that I warn the party when we are about to be attacked

  6. True, that fight with the hochog mercenaries would've probably gone a lot worse if you hadn't known it was coming. You would've also walked into that grenade booby trap.

    I'm starting to think that Precog, rather than Biopsi, is the truly indispensable discipline.

  7. In case anyone is playing swn and wants more weapon variety one tech 4 weapon category used in many other SciFi genres is sonic weapons it would be the same damage, range and ammo as a plasma projector with three settings stun with half the total damage is temporary like stun batons, kill is normal as the plasma projector, and another d8 vs structures or inorganic. The damage may be altered by atmospheric density.