Monday, December 3, 2012

ASE Lv. 2 and 3

ASE 2-3 might be just a little too gonzo for me to use it out of the box. That doesn't mean that I won't steal from it liberally, though.

I think my favorite thing is the Scientist character class. I think the class is really more of a Cyborg than a Scientist, but some of the lore-type abilities might combine nicely with the Techno-Rat class from Sword+1's "Resistance" B/X hack. It also gives me an idea on how I might revise the Headhunter and implement the Combat Cyborg in my RIFTS-to-AD&D conversion that sits mostly finished on my hard drive.

If there's one thing that I truly take away from ASE, though, it's the variety of stuff in the rooms. There really is never a dull moment in ASE. I would totally play in an ASE game, but I'm not sure if I would ever run one.

....well, except at a convention, maybe... or a "we want to play but don't have enough people" type of thing.

I still think it's money well spent, though. There's a lot to observe about dungeon design and making rooms memorable.


  1. I wondered about the high gonzo level for this. That's actually kept me from ordering it so far. Mind you I'm fine with some gonzo in my games, but...

  2. I guess here's a quick litmus test for you:

    If you find either of these concepts abhorrent:

    -The party encountering a mutant clown named Dr. Giggles who fancies himself a surgeon, or

    -A magical heavy metal guitar that functions as both crowd-influencing magical item and a battle axe,

    you are probably going to find ASE2-3 too gonzo for your liking. As I said, I would not implement this into a regular campaign, but there are elements worth stealing in part or in whole.

  3. Hmmmm. That's a bit more gonzo than I prefer for a regular campaign. But for oneshots I'd be ok with that. Thanks