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I discovered Champions in 8th grade. (Er... the summer before 8th grade I think) It was in its 4th edition back then. I had already been gaming for several years. I ended up really hating the way the system ran and gave the book to my best friend, who ran it sporadically throughout high school. I loved/hated those games. We did end up creating a pretty solid continuity in our superhero world. (The city of Megalopolis) Taking heavy doses of inspiration from the X-men cartoon from the early 90's, the Spider-Man cartoon from the mid-90's, and whatever shit we happened to be interested in that week, our heroes battled a bunch of insane villains with really shortsighted plans. I present to you the good and bad guys spawned by our 14-16 year old minds:

The Good Guys (?) 

Nightcloak- A naked ripoff of the good guy from the computer game Noctropolis, only with invisibility thrown in and a ludicrously high DEX score. I am sorry to say this was my character.

Darkblade- He had liquid darkness for armor. He was like, but not exactly like, the Guyver. Brutally killed off when his player moved away.

Jade- Take the Punisher, make him a girl, give her a green suit instead of a black suit. Managed to convince the other heroes that their "don't kill the villains" policy was misguided. Showed up like twice.

Arcanus- My second character who only ran in solo games. He was basiclly a D&D wizard. He made potions and had psychic powers and lived in a stone tower outside the city.

Black Dragon- Was a white guy who was a ninja. He seemed unable to do any significant damage for some reason. Player decided he hated Champions and stopped showing up. 

The NPC Good Guys Who Were Really Just Liabilities and DNPCS We Got No Points For:

Prism- She could create rainbow force fields. Yup. Mostly just hid behind them, too.

Mezmer- know, I really can't remember. He had US Army bodyguards (who were useless), some kind of mental powers, and he got captured a lot. Despite us hating him, we found that we were often railroaded into rescuing him.

The Bad Guys

The Jokester- He was the Joker, only with superhuman strength and futuristic body armor.

Golem- Clayface, only with...wait, no. Clayface. He has the distinction of being the only villain to ever die.

Inferno- A guy with fire powers who was apparently mentally retarded. Psychically liked to...

Glacier- Inferno's brother, a guy with ice powers. Also apparently mentally retarded. Together, they could fuse into...

Antipode X- Aside from being named after a spell from the video game Chrono Trigger, AX was pretty badass. He had fire and ice powers. Stopped showing up after Jade blew him in half with a rocket launcher whose flame rounds nearly killed Glacier, who was unfairly saved at the last second by....

Wonder Man- Superman, only evil. He had the ability to buy airtime and run anti-hero propaganda commercials. He was loved by the populace of Megalopolis, despite being a total douche and regularly causing fatalities among its citizenry.

Quiver- The Green Arrow, but British. An evil corporation had his sister captive, so he had to be evil. He rejected offers of our team to attempt to rescue his sister. His leather armor also saved him from a thirty story fall one time.

Samurai- He was a Samurai. He ended every sentence directed at someone else with "Dishonorable Cur." His sword also just did normal damage, rather than killing damage, so usually it just knocked you out. Was actually pretty dishonorable whenever combat was going against him. Infuriated if dishonorable behavior was pointed out.

Meander- He could shoot an "unluck" beam at you, which basically meant that all your own die rolls somehow fucked you over for the next several turns.

Crusher- He had one arm and a huge psychic attack. His name was NOT short for "Mind Crusher."

Arch-Lich- Undead. Uh, I think he had magic. The only power I know he had was the ability to brew up some mind control salsa to hypnotize the patronage of a local, family owned Mexican eatery so his supervillain team could rob it. No shit.

The Druid- Was a Forgotten Realms druid. He was an eco-terrorist, but operated on a pretty small scale. (Like, the local lumberyard)

Hot Elf Chick- Not actually her name, surprisingly enough. She was named after some elf chick in some Forgotten Realms novel. She shot arrows. I think we knocked her out in one hit. She helped the Druid shut down a local lumberyard.

Ninjas- Ninjas showed up a lot. They had bows, but also laser rifles and an armored hovercraft with a mounted laser cannon on it. I don't remember what the ninjas ever wanted. I think they stole some computer stuff once.

Necromancer- The arch-enemy of Arcanus, and really the only bad guy Arcanus ever fought. He never seemed to show up in any of the group stories. He invested all his power in magic items of a thoroughly non-necromantic nature, most of which were eventually stolen by Arcanus, creating balance problems and relegating Arcanus forever to his own continuity.

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  1. I gmed most of the time for my group, we were often too high or drunk to finish a game but we had some pretty good experiences with a d&d we argued the rules a lot especially about experience points, we never had this issue with champions but we started with 2nd ed we especially liked the combat system and putting villains through walls a braking things and using the enviornment to do extra damage and many other things normals can't do.