Saturday, December 8, 2012

My SWN Toybox Pt. 1

Here is some slightly customized gear in my SWN game world. I'm not 100% on the costs yet, and cost tends to vary greatly in my milieu anyway.

Dan, one of my players, also game up with some gear for the game. I have a few more items as well that I'll drop into a second post.

Qotah Ceremonial Armor Cost: 300 cr    AC: 7   Enc. 0 TL 4
The warriors of the Qotah craft a form of light, flexible, attractive looking armor. This armor stands up to high-teach weaponry and does not encumber the user at all. (It should never cause any penalties to an Athletics or Stealth roll, for instance) In addition, it's bright colors and intricate patterns mean that some cultures don't even recognize it as armor, thus allowing Qotah to sometimes wear it where armor is normally not permitted.

In my game, Qotah are allowed to start with this armor for free. The price is listed in case a replacement suit needs to be obtained. The armor is hard to find outside of Qotah space, as they generally do not sell it to outsiders. The armor is tailored for Qotah physiology and cannot generally be worn by other species, unless they have some kind of shapeshifting ability or have a physiology very similar to the Qotah.

GMs, bear in mind that the Qotah receive +1 to their Dexterity bonus, meaning the average Qotah warrior will actually be AC 6 when wearing this armor.

Hochog Heavy Battle Armor Cost: 1,000 cr  AC: 3  Enc. 2/3 TL 4
This armor looks a lot like low-tech metal plate armor, only it tends to be dull gray, green, black, or some patterned combination of the three. The armor is actually made up of modern polymers and advanced carbonites, thus granting the wearer full protection against high-tech weaponry.

This armor is bulky, designed with the hochog frame in mind. The armor counts as three encumbrance when worn by non-hochog. A forgiving GM might rule that a big burly alien of another species might be able to wear the armor without penalty.

Despite the name, there doesn't appear to be a hochog light battle armor. Most hochog who are asked about light armor laugh like you made a joke or were being sarcastic.

Advanced Shield Cost: 100 cr  AC: (-1) Enc. 1 TL 4+
This device is a small bracer worn on the forearm. When activated, a telescoping disc of advanced materials spirals out of a raised cylinder on the bracer, forming a shield. This shield lowers the AC of the user by 1 and is effective against high-tech materials.
When the shield is active, the user cannot use a two-handed weapon without foregoing the AC bonus for a full round. At the GM's discretion, an active shield might also get in the way of a task that requires fine manipulation with that hand. 

The "plus" version of this item does not create a metal disc, but rather a disc of barely-visible force that lights up when struck by an attack. This version of the advanced shield is much more compact and often overlooked as armor, but it requires a Type A power cell for every 24 hours of operation. (GMs who don't feel like keeping track can just make the PC recharge it every week.) This version is technically TL5, but it is relatively simple and has become so widespread that it can be purchased on many TL4 worlds.

Hochog "Liquid CouRage" Combat Drug Cost: 150 cr per dose   Enc. 3 vials= 1  TL: 4
Part steroid, part painkiller, and all bad news, this is a cocktail used by some hochog in battle. The drug must be applied via syringe or autoinjector. It lasts for 2d6 rounds. While drugged, the user has +2d4 bonus hit points, +1 to hit in melee combat, +1 to all damage rolls, and +2 to any saving throw vs. Physical Effect or Mental Effect. Non-Player Characters have their Morale increased to 12 while under the influence of this drug. The character also takes 1 System Strain. If the character is at maximum System Strain and injects the drug anyway, he falls helpless with seizures for the duration of the drug's effect instead of gaining any bonuses.
Characters who are on LCR are able to distinguish friend from foe, but they must attack an enemy each round. That means they will fire into melee, run after fleeing enemies, etc. They can choose to disregard fallen opponents. If there are no enemies remaining, the hochog will generally take his aggression out on nearby inanimate objects until the drug runs its course.
After the duration of the drug ends, the character will get "the shakes," suffering -1 on attack rolls and skill checks for 1 hour. The character must also make a Physical Effect save or get hooked on the drug. The saving throw has a +4 bonus, -1 for every dose the character has taken in the past week. Non-hochog likewise suffer an additional -2 to the save.
A biopsionic can use Purge Toxin to end the drug's effect early. Unwilling subjects must be struck in hand-to-hand combat. The user still experiences "the shakes" and also suffers an extra System Strain (beyond what the power normally inflicts) as the drug is violently expelled from his system.

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  1. Cool, I especially like the shield. Reminds me of US Agent from Marvel.