Monday, December 31, 2012

Obligatory 2012 Retrospective- Just the Highlights

 Rather than bash out a rambling retrospective, here are some highlights of my gaming for 2012. I'd say that overall, it was a pretty good year for gaming.
Stuff I Got To Play in 2012:

-AD&D 2nd edition Vikings/Sort-of Hellfrost
-Stars Without Number (Mindy's game)
-Stars Without Number ( Dan's game)
-Deadlands Reloaded
-Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition

One Shots:

-AD&D 2nd edition at KantCon
-Lady Blackbird at KantCon
-Ingenium at KantCon
-Stars Without Number (Dave's game at OSFest)
-Mutant Future at OSFest (Dave's)
-Dungeon Crawl Classics (Dave's. OSFest)

Stuff I Got To Run in 2012: 

-Stars Without Number (July-August)
-Stars Without Number Spin-off campaign (August-Present)

One Shots:
-Pathfinder (with the missus and her friend)
-B/X D&D "Citadel of Evil" module (At Nuke-Con Aftershock)
-B/X D&D "Death Frost Doom" at KantCon
-B/X D&D "Realm of the Technomancer" module at OSFest

Stuff I Worked On in 2012:
-RIFTS-to-AD&D conversion (Which I'd say is 80% finished)
-World of Darkness heartbreaker (Which I just have barely started work on)

Conventions Attended in 2012:
-Nuke-Con Aftershock Game Day (March)
-OSFest 5 

General Highlights: 
-At one point, I was playing in three different games per week
-Met new gamer pals this year
-Did not have any long periods of no gaming
-SWN Spin-off Campaign is the best thing I've run in a long time
-Conquered some of my own self-identified DM hang-ups

General Low-Points: 
-Had two campaigns fizzle (Pathfinder wasn't supposed to be a one-shot)
-Didn't finish my RIFTS project (can't fault myself on the WoD project since I started it mere days ago)  
-Did not attend Nuke-Con's actual convention

  Thus ends my fourth year of blogging. It was the year I did the most gaming, but also the year I blogged the least. (Hmm...imagine that.) I don't really have any plans for 2013...this blog is primarily just a way to express my thoughts and to think out loud. Beyond that, I have no agenda. I guess here are some goals for 2013:

-Finish the RIFTS thing
-Finish the WoD thing
-Keep running SWN
-Run something fantasy as well
-Buy less stuff (fah!)

Here's hoping the New Year brings good things for you all. I know I'll be starting it off right by running another session of SWN. May your save vs. poison always be successful. 

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