Saturday, December 29, 2012

Old Gaming Group "Farewell Concert"

So, one of my longtime pals and gaming buddies (as well as occasional commenter on this blog) is moving away this week. I think he's played in everything I've ever run since 2005, with the exception of the all-ladies steampunk Savage Worlds game I ran a bit last winter.

My wife, being the clever one that she is, decided we should have one last D&D game. (It will actually be Pathfinder at his request, but my wife is ok with that since it's close enough.) We're calling together gamers from our two old D&D groups- including one group that we were all in before my wife and I were even dating- and they can remake any D&D character they have ever played under me. (Turns out Josh and my wife both have their character sheets from my last two d20 campaigns) I will be spending tomorrow trying to create a suitably epic adventure to send him off.

I freely admit that I'll be winging parts of it; Pathfinder is simply too crunchy for me to digest anymore and it's been some time since I "studied" the rulebook last.

Things have changed, and not everyone from the old groups is around, or in contact with us anymore. We might have one person playing via skype (or maybe hangouts). Regardless, it's going down this week.

It's not all bad, though. He will now live within spitting distance of a gaming convention I was planning to attend in 2013.

His departure does mean that I will probably never run anything d20 again in my life, save for possibly some PF at the request of the missus.

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