Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Role Reversal

Tonight I got to switch roles and play in SWN. It's been awhile since I had the chance to experience the game as a player.

Dan ran a game set on one of the worlds in Hydra sector. I ran multiple characters. We got involved in a conspiracy involving the ultra-creepy Shibboleth from the SWN corebook.

I still like running games much more than playing games, I have to admit.

I also gotta say that I don't like running multiple characters. (I've blogged about that before, though) It's weird that as a DM, I can keep track of lots of different NPCs, even when they're all around the players, but when I'm a player, I have serious trouble getting into more than one character.

I did like having to lasso a dinosaur, though. Legit.

I also like mixing Mayan/Central American mythology with science fiction. I like when Dan busted out his map of a huge ziggurat and said "You know what THIS is, right?"

We'll continue the adventure over break, since our regular SWN game will be on hold for the holidays.

I have also received two different requests from other gamer pals to run stuff over the break. I'm going to do my best to accommodate everybody. Plus, you know, gaming is fun.

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  1. That 80s song walk the dinosaur kept playing in my head, are you glad I didn't start singing it?