Sunday, December 23, 2012

WoD Rebuild and After Sundown

I've been reading through a roleplaying game called "After Sundown," which seems to be a World of Darkness "heartbreaker" (god I hate that term, got to come up with a different one...) that also attempts to make WoD concepts with Shadowrun-esque mechanics.

All in all, this is probably not a game I would run. This is, however, a game I would gleefully steal from.

One thing I like about his re-do is that all monsters basically use the same mechanics. The differences between the types of creatures (vampires, lycanthropes, etc.) is what powers they start with. The book has a huge array of powers (called disciplines), and your starting package is pretty much predetermined. The basic capabilities of each creature are handled by their starting powers.

Another element I liked is that all monsters simply have "power", and that is what fuels their various disciplines. The thing that differentiates monsters is how they get power back. (Vampires drink blood, etc.) 

I'm not sure if I'll even finish reading the PDF in its entirety, but this does have my gears-a-turning as to how I could make kind of a generic OWoD game without having to come up with X number of stat sets, where X is the number of character types available for play.

Good stuff

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