Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So Begins Gaming in 2013

I spent the afternoon and evening of New Year's Day running my SWN game. Unfettered by work schedules, we played a near-double length gaming session. We also have a pretty dramatic role-playing scene that came about, and we got a lot done without rolling very many dice.

Gaming, for me, is about exploration and not about sticking to some kind of pre-planned narrative, but I find that I really enjoy the narratives that can come up organically during play. I find that it's much more satisfying to be surprised at what events come about from the PCs and their actions and reactions, rather than having a foregone conclusion (or list of conclusions) toward which the PCs are steered.

The "Farewell" game has been moved to Friday, which is good because Pathfinder tends to overwhelm me with all of its fiddly bits.

Tomorrow is Josh's last Savage Worlds game. I might ask if I can sit in even though I missed the rest of the campaign entirely.

Gaming three times in one week would not be a bad way to end winter break.

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