Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SWN: Exploring Ifertam

So begins SWN Part III in earnest.

I used the excellent resources over at Wizardawn to generate the map of planet Ifertam. I then took a snapshot of the map with Pearl Crecent's Page Saver and emailed it to my players mid-session to simulate the results of their detailed survey scan. (Their present ship has the advanced survey scanners from SWN, which, according to the book, can provide an accurate terrain map of a planet.) Look at me, getting all multimedia up in here.

Upon receiving the map, the players were like kids in the proverbial candy store.
"Crashed starships.....dude, a crashed starship with an alien settlement near it?! Are those giant mushrooms?" Etc.

Yes, although hired for an intel job (discover why everyone on this planet apparently went insane 23 years ago), it appears that there are many points of interest they want to hit on this planet. It's a sandbox within a sandbox, if you will. (Yo dawg, I heard you like sandboxes...)

The session included a battle with an energy grenade-hurling cyborg (courtesy of Wizardawn as well) followed by some CSI: Stars Without Number. The session ended with the discovery of a mysterious black box that had no apparent way to open it and that proved resistant to scans.

We can't game next Tuesday, so my poor players have to wait an agonizing two weeks for the answer to their obvious question.

Although the map is relatively simple, I was amazed at how much my players were digging it. I'll be spending the next two weeks trying to fill that map with things worthy of their excursions. I have a feeling that they are going to be spending some on this planet, even if they obtain their mission objectives relatively soon.

In other gaming news:
*I am rejoining the Thursday group this week for Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition
*My copy of The One Ring is due on my doorstep tomorrow!
*I am expecting a used copy of the old AD&D module Ghost Tower of Inverness in the next week or so.
*Kevin Crawford hinted on Twitter that the PDF for Spears of the Dawn might be ready this weekend. 
*Nuke-Con is having two community game days: one in February and one in March. Though I have a pretty miserable record of attendance for the convention itself, I do love those game days and will try to be at both. 


  1. Yea verily, the last two pieces of art for Spears of the Dawn are due in this Friday. If Miguel Santos' pen can keep up the grueling pace, this PDF is going out to the backers approximately 20 minutes after I get the art. Then I submit the print files for proof creation and while I'm waiting to verify the printed copy's good, I survey the print backers for their shipping addresses. Barring calamity, print should be shipping around month's end. And if a meteor hits Miguel between now and the end of the month, well, I'll just write up some sidebars to fill the empty slots and ship the infernal thing anyway based on the other 59 pieces of art in there.

  2. Will it eventually be for general sale to the masses? I have a friend- it isn't me- who was living under a rock during the KS and somehow missed the train to Spears of the Dawn Town.

  3. Indeed so- once the backers have their PDFs and the print copies are being shipped, I'll activate it on DTRPG for sale to all and sundry.

  4. All cool I asked Ryan if we would crash on planet Zulu. Also I want to express how fun it is to play a pre cog mess just for the fun it is to shock the NPCs who's lives are not a book they've already read. Example; NPC henchman "are you out of your mind? Diving on a grenade!" Me "don't worry I'm psychic I knew it wouldn't kill me and I stopped everyone else from taking damage?" (I have psitech armor)"but it was great to see you fight so aggressively after I did that"

  5. The cyborg didn't foresee the psychic in psitech armor diving on the grenade. surprised everyone else whose life is not a story they've read before too.