Saturday, February 2, 2013

Good news, etc.

My friend made it through his procedure. I'm immensely relieved. I've been in contact with him since it was over.

I'm going to try to make time to play at least some Sundays with the Sunday gang again.

In other gaming news:

-Spears of the Dawn is out. As a huge fan of Kevin Crawford's work, I'd like to obtain a copy. I think I'll wait until the hard copy is available, though. I'm old fashioned like that. Of course, I have yet to pick up Other Dust....

-Having taken leave of my senses, I ordered a used copy of The Dark Eye. I recently bought a computer game based on the game world and I want to see the guts behind the system.

-BTS is ridiculously fun. I like that the game has achieved a nearly perfect blend of investigation and combat. Steven also has a way of turning skills into a sort of "situational combat" that has tension without being tedious or seeming artificial.

-SWN rolls along. I'm doing some work for the game today since I have the day to myself.

Game on.

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