Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Embracing IPad's Devil Sorcery

I ran my SWN game last night, using my tablet for all the maps and notes. Maps game from Gozzy's and Wizardawn and I just left them open in my browser and took screenshots of them afterward for next time. Notes were handled using a free document processing app. It was a pretty good experience.

Rather than slog through a detailed mapping process, I started using sort of a MUD or MUSH-like approach to describing rooms and exits from rooms. That seemed to go pretty well. I didn't worry so much about surveyor-like descriptions of room size and hallway length.

I feel better about my SWN game, having run it again. There were some ideas I got in my head shortly before game time, and some ideas in my head during the game.

I'm going to give the tablet another run as my GM helper next week. I should note that I rolled real, actual dice and didn't use a dice app....because screw that. I have a huge tin of colorful dice and I intend to use them. I'll also keep the erasable battle mat at the table, though we only had one combat this time and it was dispatched with a single well-placed blow. so we had no need of a tactical grid. (Though we could have, had the players made some different decisions...)

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  1. I am with ya on the real dice, partly b/c I do have a ton of dice and partly b/c I wouldn't have a reason to bring my mini x-men lunch box to the table w/o them