Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SWN Back in the Groove

I am totally feeling my SWN campaign again.
Turns out that I've actually had mild, untreated bronchitis for several weeks. Now that I'm on antibiotics and on the road to wellness (instead of the road to pneumonia), I find that my energy and enthusiasm for things is renewed.

I also find that I am mishmashing a number of sci-fi game elements together. My SWN game now contains things from X-Plorers and may soon include elements from Starships & Spacement 2nd Edition (which I bought in PDF form last weekend) and Hulks & Horrors (which I downloaded last night)

Too many great sci-fi games to play? Play them all at once. 

Last night was also my second session of using my tablet to run a game, and I find it to be incredibly efficient and generally aweseome. I still roll real dice, however, because fake digital dice just aren't the same. (There is also the fact that I have a pound and a half of dice or so and by dammit I intend to use them.)


  1. Hi!

    I wasn't sure how best to contact you, but since you updated your blog recently I thought I would start here. =]

    You messaged me about a year ago @_@ on shadownessence and this is the very very very belated reply. ;p

    I have been feeling the itch for some Mage: The Ascension, or any WOD really, and my usual Pathfinder game is getting to feel a little thin, (like butter spread across too much bread) and I feel a bit like a change of pace... even some sci-fi or otherwise not-D&D would be a welcome change.

    anyway, you can get ahold of me at

  2. Hey there! Since i could't find your Email address on the blog, i ask you via thsi column. I just started a new blog about Stars without Number, called xeno allergies. Wold you mind adding me to your SWN jumpgate ( On the blog you will find sessions reports, maps and miscellaneous thoughts about Sci-Fi rpgs.

    You can reach me via!

  3. Whoops, i messed that one up, as i had several SWN-related blogs open at that time. That post was meant to go to Sorry for that, but you may risk a look at my new blog.