Saturday, March 23, 2013

World of Darkness Rework- Initial Notes/Thoughts

So, I'm gradually working on a modern World of Darkness game. I want to scrap the official game lines and come up with a setting that features many different types of supernaturals. I want to use the NWoD mechanics (with a few house rules) and basically swap in "lite versions of the various supernatural creatures. I was thinking that players have the option of creating characters who fall under the broad categories of human, vampire, shifter, fae, and demon. Each broad type would have some basic rules associated with them, plus several sub-types to choose from for greater variety.

I talked about doing this a long time ago, but the project just got pushed to the back burner. (Don't they always?) Lately I've had WoD on the brain, so here are some basic thoughts for how I might retool the system to suit my nefarious purposes.

Here is a transcription of my initial notes. There isn't a lot of substance, just some basic ideas. I do know that the game will probably have some of these things as features"

-All powers are called Disciplines, though there are different types. (Magic Disciplines represent spellcasting abilities, for instance) Some supernaturals are restricted in what Disciplines they can take, while others can learn certain types of Disciplines more easily. (Mages can learn magic type Disciplines easier than a vampire, for instance)

-Vampires can be out in the sunlight, but are extremely weak and suffer penalties to Disciplines, plus they can be killed by "ordinary" means. (Dracula, if I recall correctly, was killed with knives when his coffin was opened up during the day) This is mainly to prevent vampire PCs from being a huge pain in the ass to the rest of the group. (If there's one vampire in the party, everyone must essentially be nocturnal)

-Instead of Blood Points, Gnosis, Mana, whatever, all supernatural beings simply have a stat called Power. Power is used to fuel Disciplines and certain special abilities. The difference is how the different types of characters regain power" vampires have to drink blood, mages must meditate, etc. Here is another balancing factor- vampires are more physically badass, but it's harder for them to regain Power than it is for a mage.

This is what I was thinking for character types. Again, these are just my preliminary notes.

Allowed Character types:

Mage- Humans born with the potential to control magical energy. They gain bonuses to use magical Disciplines.
Psychic- Some rare humans have innate powers of the mind. They bonuses to use psychic Disciplines.
Hunter- Some hunters seem to be imbued with almost superhuman abilities when it comes to battling the supernatural. Others are just badasses. Hunters get to pick between being able to use certain Disciplines and having access to hunter combat skills.

*Shifter: Beings halfway between this world and the spirit world.
Werewolf- Able to change into a war form, wolf form, or human form. They can use Spirit Disciplines. Weak vs. silver, suffer from lunacy.
Feral- Other types of shifters. (A la Changing Breeds) They have variable Disciplines, weaknesses, etc. depending on the breed.

*Vampire- Undead that feed off of the living. They suffer loss of power in the sun. Weak against fire, garlic, and blessed objects.
Nosferatu- Hideous, inhuman vampires. They have access to Disciplines involving brutality, shapeshifting, and stealth.
Toreador-The seducer vampires. They have access to Disciplines of dominance, speed, etc.

*Fae- Mysterious beings from the mythical Faewilds. Weak against iron and often subject to strange "contracts" that limit their behavior.
Changelings- Fae who live in our world in a mortal guise. They have access to powers of deception, illusion, and ensorcelment.
Faeblooded- Beings of mixed human and fae ancestry. Their powers are more limited, but they suffer fewer restrictions and their weaknesses are mitigated.

*Infernal- Demons, dark spirits, etc. They are injured by iron and can be driven back by holy symbols.
Possessed-Demons who have taken a human's body as their own.
Hellblooded- Creatures of mixed demonic and human ancestry. Though less powerful than their full infernal brethren, they are also less stymied by demonic weaknesses due to their diluted blood.


  1. Dude, I'm going to give you (what I think is) a very helpful suggestion:

    Write it up as a one-page micro-game.

    What you've posted here are the (beginnings of) a modified, bare-bones system. Write-up that system in one page. Use a small font. Consider it an 'abstract.' but do that FIRST. Afterward, the full elaboration (should you choose to do one) will flow naturally. Hell, you might want to just run games from your micro-...and find complete satisfaction in doing so.

    It sounds like a cool project, regardless. I sometimes get the urge to do a re-work of VtM, but it will probably be years (if ever) before I get around to it. I'd like to see your version.
    : )

    1. I'm not sure I can capture all the different powers on one sheet....but there might be something in trying to create a "Microlite WoD"

  2. sounds cool but a compromising group would be needed to play together. Otherwise your gonna have the vampire snacking on any human characters and the hunter going rambo on the rest of the party

    1. Actually a MUD that I've been playing gave me an interesting IC solution... that MUD features all kinds of vampires, wizards, werewolves and other things working together.