Thursday, May 23, 2013

BTS, Dinosaur Swamp, and Unadulterated Joy

Tonight our Thursday game at last resumed our Beyond the Supernatural campaign. We were a little unfocused, but given that the GM just finished his degree and tomorrow is the last day of school in my district (I'm a teacher), our minds were not firmly lodged in horror. Still, it was a fun session and I love the characters and the way the group plays. We just found out that one of our players had to drop out, which is too bad, but we'll soldier on with three PCs for the time being. I finally made it to level 5. (Level isn't really that big of a deal in Palladium, though)

Although we just started up after a hiatus, the GM is actually planning on finishing off this investigation and then shelving the game for the summer. He doesn't like to run horror games in the summer, so he's planning on running a June/July campaign of RIFTS set in Dinosaur Swamp.

Fuck yessssssssssss. 

This campaign is going to be metal. I need to start thinking about what character class to play. I'm thinking maybe a Juicer or Mega-Juicer, but I know that our GM loves RIFTS magic-users and would like to see a magic-user in the party. I have a few weeks to decide, but in the meantime I'll be combing through Dinosaur Swamp, RUE, and gods-know-what else to find a suitably metal character to play.

I figure that, what with me starting my Master's this summer, I'll probably want something as cerebral as shooting dinosaurs with laser guns in my downtime.

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