Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Scandalous Confessions

-I think ascending AC is a good idea and makes more sense than descending.*

-Ditto with Fort/Ref/Wil as saving throw categories or just S&W's one save with conditional modifiers.*

-I think level limits for nonhumans are contrived and dumb.

-I really hate gaming sessions that consist mostly of logistical stuff like buying gear and hiring new henchmen. Get it over and let's get back to adventuring, please.

-I don't really like Rush all that much. They have a couple of okay songs, but I really don't see what the big deal is.

-I vastly prefer Larry Elmore's artwork to Erol Otus' artwork.

-I like White Wolf's World of Darkness games.

-I haven't read most of the authors in Appendix N.

-I can only name a couple of Led Zeppelin songs.

-I have a limit to how much gonzo I can have in a game.

-Sometimes I just can't "say yes or roll the dice." Sometimes the answer is no.

-I'm probably shaving my beard in the next week or two.

...but don't worry, I'm not a totally lost cause. I'm not sharing narrative control with my players.

*Just because they make more sense doesn't mean I use them.


  1. I'm with you on 1-5 & 8-10.

  2. Amen. Right there with you on everything except Zeppelin. (I even shaved my beard last month!)

  3. I agree with everything up to limiting Gonzo, after that you just loose me. I like using descending AC with Target 20 and the stealth system from "Epées & Sorcellerie", but I fully accept that Ascending is better for the most part.

  4. As of late, I prefer Target 20 as well.

  5. Nothing really to confess IMO and I agree with you on all of them save 4,8,13

    I do enjoy logistics sessions, have read almost everything in Appendix N (save The Broken Sword) an d do not terribly mind sharing some narrative control with the players

    1. Obviously there was some sarcasm with my choice of blog title, but sometimes I hear enough of these things tossed around in the echo chamber to feel like they are officially unofficial doctrine of the OSR.

      I ain't hatin' on logistics, but to do it for three or four hours is just too much. I understand logistics are an important part of dungeoneering,but I do get bored of endless page-flipping and bean-counting. This is especially true when I'm the DM, because usually logistics are a player-driven part of the game.

      I have a busted up old copy of Broken Sword somewhere in my basement, but I've never read it.

      As for narrative control, I actually let my players contribute via their background and the background knowledge that their characters have, but I draw the line at their ability to alter decided-upon elements of the game. (With "Hero Points" or "Plot Points" or whatever.)