Sunday, May 5, 2013

S&W Goodies

I'm currently waiting on hardback copies of S&W Complete and Monstrosities. I am bummed that I missed the recent sale, but I'll live. 
I'm also waiting for my Reaper minis crate from backing the Kickstarter last fall. 

I have all the ingrdients for an awesome fantasy campaign. 

...except for the campaign part. 

Something about Swords & Wizardry always causes my brain to bubble with possibilities. I think it's the fact that the game presents many optioins and never closes the door on anything. Of course, B/X and their ilk never closed the door on anything, but I don't know... there's some kind of intrinsic appeal to the way S&W presents itself. Different games, even iterations of the same rules, have a different flavor and "feel" to me. It's hard to explain, but AD&D looks different in my head than B/X or S&W. 

In theory, I'll have time to start a new campaign, seeing as how the school year is over in just three weeks. (ohholygod) In practice, though.... probably not. I'm taking the first two classes for my Master's in June and in July I have two separate confereces to attend, two gaming conventions, and a camping trip with the missus.

Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll find some way to put these gaming goods to work, even if I have to wait until August. (For the week I'll have to myself before staff must report back) 

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