Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unexpected GM Duty

Our Thursday GM had to bail on us with very little notice, so I took the reigns so we'd have something to play. I ended up running Realm of the Technomancer for the second time.

Well, sort of. I kind of forgot the module at home. Luckily, I was able to use the tools at Wizardawn to give me a couple maps and keys to cobble together. (Especially since Wizardawn has tools that specifically let you merge Labyrinth Lord stuff with Mutant Future.)

This time,  I ran it from the fantasy end again (using basic red D&D), but I added a couple of displaced Mutant Future characters using the conversion section from the back of the book to scale them to D&D levels of power. The usual fantasy party had an amnesiac synthetic soldier and an opportunistic mutant heading into the dungeon with them.

I ran the basic concept of the module from memory, but I changed a lot and I also had to remove some things because I only had a three hour time slot. We had fun and only one character died-  and that was because his player forgot that clerics can wear armor. (He doesn't play old D&D very much) We still had fun and I have some ideas for next time I run this module.

I also hinted that the outsider characters might come from Tarraxian as a little Easter Egg to Josh, who played in that Gamma World/AD&D game I ran a couple of years ago.

I really enjoyed the evening, plus it's good to know I can still run a half-decent game on the fly if I have to.


  1. Tarraxian, how I miss you. Those were fun times wandering through your wasteland.

  2. it's always fun to knock the rust off the robes.