Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WoD Rework Solution

Alright, so awhile ago I wanted to make a stripped down version of WoD that better fits my gaming tastes. JB challenged me to fit it on one page. Try as I might, I couldn't do it.... but the exercise did give me an idea on what I want to do with the game  and system. This is my very preliminary character creation setup, and you have to be basically familiar with the WoD, but here it is:

Character creation: Create a normal person. You had a brush with the supernatural. Now you work for an organization that seeks to stem the influence of non-human creatures over humanity.

Pick a flavor:

Hunter: +1 Stamina or Resolve, and you get the Conviction advantage from Mirrors.

Magician: +1 Intelligence or Charisma, and you can buy magician or shaman traits from Second Sight.

Expert: +1 Wits or Composure, and you get Skill Tricks instead of specialties.

Monster: +1 to any particular stat, and you have three Powers and three Weaknesses. Let's talk about what you are and how the specifics work. You also have a Power source and a way that you have to recharge it. It's probably going to be a bit of a pain. (For vampires, you have Blood and you refill it by feeding on the living, etc.)

Morality is replaced with Sanity (for humans) and Humanity (for monsters) Humans are trying not to be driven mad or jaded into unfeeling monsters by the horrible truths of the WoD, monsters are trying not to become mindless slavering beasts or whatnot.

All characters have Reason, which they can trade for extra crazy powers, a la the Forbidden Lore section of Mirrors.

Combat: New weapon damage/armor rules, initiative rules, defense/dodging, etc.

Virtue and Vice: You customize your own, and you aren't stuck with the Seven Deadlies/Seven Heavenlies.

We're keeping the old experience system. Sorry, hipsters.

Despite the rules lite nature and the focus on what you do as a supernatural, you need to make a character who was a person before they were exposed to the supernatural.

Oh, and I'm stealing the Twilight/Gloom idea from the "Night Watch" series of books/films. Magicians and Monsters can enter it naturally. Hunters and Experts have to use special devices or some kind of Zen training or something. We'll work out the exact details later.

There you have it. I can always add more detail later, but I think I'm just eager to hit the ground running. It doesn't fit on one page (since you have to add all the WoD rules and power descriptions), but the specifications for character creation do.

Things I'm toying with:
-Adding Psychics a la Second Sight.
-Making Forbidden Lore users into their own "class"



  1. Mmmmm...I am too tired to get to this now, but I will go to bed meditating on my thoughts on the matter.
    ; )

  2. Just checking in to say that I received your e-mail and will get back to you shortly. What I saw was looking good, though, as do the ideas posted here!

  3. already got character concepts brewing if you decide to run this