Thursday, June 20, 2013

Save Vs. Homework....failed

Yeah, so I'm in grad school now.
I don't have any time or energy for anything else.
Sundays switched to Shadowrun 4th edition, which I hate so I dropped out and I have too much homework. anyway.

Thursdays we have paused Beyond the Supernatural to play RIFTS. The first session was super awesome.

I'm supposed to write a game for a con in early July but haven't started.

My BONES are supposed to get here this week.

My news S&W stuff is already collecting dust.

 I keep rereading the same sections of Fate Core because I've forgotten what I read.

The new SWN supplement has been out for like two weeks and I haven't bought it.

Grad school will be over for the summer until two weeks. See you in two weeks.

I'm going to go get five hours of sleep now before I start researching semiotic approaches to multimodal literacies. Or something.