Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boned and Conned

My Bones kickstarter rewarrds arrived like a week ago. I kicked in at the Vampire level and also opted to get the boatload of extra orcs and the minis case. Yeah. I should've ordered two cases. I think  I fit maybe half the minis I got in that case.

So I now officially have all the minis I will ever need to run D&D or a fantasy game of any sort, and, oddly enough, Stars Without Number.

I'm trying to decide if I even want to attempt the time and money sink that would be painting these bad boys. Given that I'm going to be out of town for much of this month and that I'm currently working on my Master's, I'm going to say probably not. I also don't want to ruin them with my utter lack of painting skill.

Unfrotunately I'm campaignless at the moment, so I have all these minis and nothing to do with them.

I just got back from KantCon in Lenexa, Kansas. I went last year and had a ball. I went this year and also had a ball, plus I got to see my good friend who moved to Lawrence.

I played All Flesh Must Be Eaten and it was glorious. I even won "Best Player" one of the two rounds and the GM gave me the module. (He wrote it himself and it was pretty damn good)

I also ran Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess using a mishmash of B/X, Swords & Wizardry Complete, and some homebrew stuff. It was a hell of a lot of fun. I had one new gamer at the table who did not care for it and abandoned the session, but everyone else loved it. I don't think LotFP is really a good introduction to roleplaying. I love Jim's stuff, but I'm comfortable taking the stance that it maybe isn't a great into to the hobby. Also, with only one PC fatality, I can't help but feel like I failed as a GM. (Ha!)

 I also ran Starships & Spacement (the 2nd edtion) and can't wait to run it again. I kept the feeling like Old Trek. I also shook the table during the ship battle, which delighted the players. I used a scanario for the Decipher Star Trek RPG I found online, modified very heavily. I have to say that from reading it, my impression of Deciphertrek isn't good. The scenario requires so many tedious rolls on extremely nuanced skills that I actually got bored reading it, stripped out half the material,and said "fuggit, let's get into a fight with some Kling- er, Zangid- and then get sent to a parallel universe." The session ended with an epic (and epically rigged) honor duel between the First Officer and a Zangid warrior, with just a weeeee bit of help from one of the ship's medics.

Oh, and two 1st level NPC red shirts got vaporized, as well they should have.

My next con is my beloved local con, which is coming up in three weeks. I'm going to run some stuff in the open gaming room, but I'm not entirely sure what. Having played Eden games makes me want to bust out some stuff from the "I never freaking run this" category.

I'll have a lot of time to think bout it during the next two weeks.