Friday, October 18, 2013

A Cameo

Okay, so I just quit blogging for three and a half months.

Not a whole lot to update.

LocalCon sucked, unfortunately. I ran one half-assed game of X-plorers.
I skipped NukeCon.
The Thursday group gets canceled as amuch as it gets run, and our very busy GM is stepping aside. (Now one of the other guys is gearing up to run low-power pulp-era Heroes Unlimited)
My wife is plotting a new World of Darkness game, her first in five years.
I haven't run a thing in months.
I never did finish any of the PDFs I was reading: Mummy, Witchcraft, FATE core. Grim.

I may or may not continue the blog. I do read my blogroll pretty regularly, but I almost never find I have anything to say comment-wise.