Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mechanical Thoughts on My Previous Post

Warning: Totally Half-baked 

Stage 1- Exposure

White Wolf rules: PCs may possess up to 2 dots in any Numena. (Except for True Faith, which can be at any level)

Chill Rules: PCs can possess any Disciplines of the Art at Student level.

BRP- PCs can possess any ability I have designated as Tier 1.

Stage 2- Infection
White Wolf- PC can become a Ghoul or add the Feral, Revenant, or Witch template. (Note to self- will have to design templates) They can now possess abilities up to the third dot, and can take Disciplines, Gifts, and Arcanoi.

Chill Rules- PCs can have Disciplines of the Art at Teacher level, or Evil Way Disciplines that require an EWS score of 30 or less.

BRP- Add template, Tier 2 abilities available.

Stage 3- Transformation
White Wolf- PC can become a full fledged vampire or shapeshifter. Disciplines and Numena up to 5 are now allowed.

Chill Rules: PCs can play as a monster and can access Evil Way Disciplines that require an EWS of 50 or less. Art Disciplines can now be taken at Master Level.

Stage 4- Apotheosis.
White Wolf- Numena can now be taken above level 5. PCs now take on the Clan Weaknesses of 3 different Clans, all Disc count as Clan Disc .

Chill: PC can set their EWS score to 100 for purposes of learning Disciplines.

BRP: Tier 4 powers available, template alteration. 

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