Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tower of the Stargazer!

This last week, I ran Jim Raggi's "Tower of the Stargazer." I actually used LotFP rules-as-written, with the exception of allowing clerics to Turn Undead as an ability rather than as a spell.

Our four heroes:

-Alistair Von Der Meer, Esquire (fighter) - A noble whose military commission was purchased by his father. Idealistic and bold.

-Sister Hester St. John (cleric) - A grim-faced witchfinder, actually once tried for witchcraft until she faked a religious experience and managed to blame several innocent women.

-Saskia (magic-user)- A village wise girl, both admired for her herbcraft and feared for her supposed witchery.

-Nightwick (elf)- A capricious and callous Fae creature of debatable gender and dubious morality.

-Wimbleton (normal man, NPC) - The ever-loyal and slightly homoerotic manservant of Alistair. 

...and a fifth hero because Alstair died early on:

-Brigid, scrappy orphan (specialist)-A fearless girl with a knack for machinery and an odd curiosity about books, despite being illiterate.

The adventure itself is a dungeon crawl, although it has some decent challenges that even experienced players might stumble over. There's plenty of opportunity to be killed and maimed, but the module has a much softer hand than things like Death Frost Doom or The Grinding Gear.

The party explored, touching and examining nearly everything... until a disastrous encounter or two, after which they became more cautious and thorough in their explorations.

The short version: Everybody died except for Sister Hester, who didn't collect so much as a coin from the accursed place. Sister Hester will be an NPC in my version of the LotFP world. (Or maybe just a recurring pregen character)

The long version: (here there be minor spoilers)

*Alistair got surprised and failed a save vs. poison in combat.
*Everybody else failed because Sister Hester threw some switches in the wrong order and she was the only one who made her saving throw. Everybody else died from the resulting damage.

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