Friday, February 21, 2014

Back in the House (of BTS)

Last night I rejoined my old Thursday group, now that I've decided I can safely half-ass my way through this semester of graduate school. Although I missed their short Heroes Unlimited campaign, I am just in time for the continuation of Steve's Beyond the Supernatural campaign! I've once again take up the role of Simon Vincent, crime scene investigator, psychic medium, and likely sufferer of Asperger's.  We have one new player and two new PCs, but three out of the five characters are from the "original cast" when we started back in 2012.

I'm pretty sure I've pimped Steven's website, The House of BTS before, but in case I haven't, you should check it out. Steven is a Palladium contributor, gracious host, and a hell of a GM.

I also promise not to be an hour and a half late next week....

Anyway, the party is presently tracking down a quartet of succubi. Simon, being almost totally unable to handle interaction with women, is far more terrified of them than any demon he's ever faced. He would much rather stare down the bear-demon things or  the poisonous Naga from their previous adventures than deal with demons who appear as comely women.

In other news:

-I am creatively stagnant, unable to make any progress with the campaign idea I have.
-I'm finishing up The God That Crawls with my online group this weekend.
-The struggle is real. (Or so my students tell me) 

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