Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Campaign Brewing

Stuff I want for my Modern Horror game:

-Multiple supernatural factions with a variety of overlapping and/or conflicting agendas.
-PCs who are monsters
-PCs who are human
-"Unfactioned" monsters as wildcards/bad guys
-Visceral weirdness
-A "second world" much like White Wolf's Umbra or Night Watch's Twilight/Gloom.
-The supernatural to be a corruptive, almost infectious force, capable of turning humans against their will and capable of turning supernaturals into truly inhuman monsters.
-A spectrum of supernatural existance, from humans who have a touch of the supernatural to things that have nothing human left about them at all.

What I'm reading over for inspiration:
-Chill (Mayfair edition)
-Older World of Darkness stuff
-After Sundown (A free self-published rpg by a dude whose last name is Trollman. For serious.)

What I'm thinking about using for a system:
-Basic Roleplaying
-Old White Wolf- mashup of the various "mortal/near mortal" books (Hunters Hunted, Sorcerer, Gypsies, Ascension's Right Hand, etc)
-FUDGE (Despite it requiring a large amount of work on the front end) 

Non-RPG Stuff I want to steal from:
-My modern horror MUD that I play
-Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch  novels.
-The first, and only the first, movie adaptation of Lukyanenko's novels.
-Supernatural (Without quite as much angely-demony stuff. If I want to go that route, I'll just run In Nomine)
-The Dresden files novels
-The premise of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. (The movie was pretty bleh and I haven't read the graphic novel, but the idea is pretty cool.) 

Stuff I do not want:
-"Sexy" vampires. 
-Anything Cthulhu. I am so damn sick of the Cthulhu mythos I could puke.
-Superheroic Characters. Being a vampire or werewolf should have definite drawback. Conflict should be rare and discrete. Magic is scary and ritualistic rather than chucking fireballs.

More as my addled mind susses out the details. 

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