Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Death Frost Cut Our Losses

Thus the module is renamed by my dear old friend, James.

My online group had to reschedule the conclusion of The God That Crawls, so I ran last minute session of Death Frost Doom for James and Meghan.. Once again, I made it a pulp adventure, with French and Russian adventurers attempting to find a calamitous magical scroll before Nazi agents could. Rules were a slightly modified version of the LotFP rules. (The skill system/specialist class is really growing on me.)

This is perhaps the most "successful" run of DFD, from a PC perspective, in that only one PC died. They didn't get into the meat of the dungeon and they turned back before they could really Screw Things Up.

Thought: The next time I run this, it will be the Nazi agents. Depending on how it goes, I will pen a follow up adventure. I probably won't have the chance to run DFD until KantCon.

Hopefully this weekend we will finish The God That Crawls.

I'm enjoying playing with my online group (all alumns of RL games from various points of my life, all RL friends from somewhere along the way) and I think next I will run Hammers of the God for them. 

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