Sunday, February 2, 2014

The God That Crawls, Part 1

Today I ran The God That Crawls with my Online Crew (we need a better name), which consists of alums from my gaming past (and a few of my dearest friends on the planet.) We rolled out with this lineup of pregen characters:

James played Spencer Willingham, a scholarly magic-user in the vain of Dr. John Dee.
Meghan played Daniel Bakersford, a young soldier with a mysterious secret.
Evanne played Sister Hester St. John, grim-faced witchfinder and sole survivor of Tower of the Stargazer.
Stasia played Maggie, a waifish girl with a talent for all things mechanical, a sharp eye, and no surname. 
Kurt played Edwin Fletcher, a soldier with an oddly cobbled-together uniform.

We used Roll20 for the maps and die rolls, Skype for the voice chat and for "secret notes." Roll20 is serviceable, but kind of annoys me. That will be a different post, whoever. 

A brief summary of the session, with only the faintest trace of spoilers (and nothing you probably haven't gleaned about the module anyway):

The party immediately started doing the Thing You Are Not Supposed To Do in this adventure, so it very quickly turned into a chase. The characters did take a stand for a few rounds against the titular God (really I was just looking for an excuse to say titular), which likely would've made it a very short adventure indeed.

We left off with the party being split. (And with this map, I say "damn you all!) Poor Spencer is off by himself, although he seems to be having an easy time of it, looting and wandering to his heart's content. The rest of the party is sort of cornered by the God and are searching for ways out. They've found some treasure of their own, but it's not exactly jewels and silver coins....

Nobody died, though Edwin would've had he not received prompt healing from Sister Hester. I suspect one more session will allow us to finish things up, for good or ill.

Oh, and the players learned the big secret, thanks to ingenious use of things found in the dungeon by Kurt. 

A few things to note:

-I'm borrowing the basic setting of LotFP, but it is 16th century-ish near-Earth, not actual 16th century England like the module intends. I found that I sort of blended the two, partially out of laziness. Sister Hester's deity is called the Almighty and the players describe her religion as Catholipuritanism. (Stained glass and belt buckles on yo' hat.) The "other guy" is called the Adversary or the Devil. Hazah are Jews with the serial number filed off, Latin is still apparently a language. Also: belt buckles. You have them. Just about anywhere but your belt.

-I gave fighters one special ability, usually something like Veteran's Luck from Stars Without Number.
-Magic-users have 1 in 6 to know about weird stuff. Clerics have the same, but it applies only to Churchy stuff.

-Spellcasters don't have to prepare spells ahead of time, and receive a bonus first level spell if they have 13+ in Intelligence (for magic-users) or Wisdom (for clerics.)

We reconvene in two weeks to play out the conclusion .

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