Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Betrayal at Kallanax, the shadow of an idea...

This summer, I am attending KantCon once again. I've decided that I'm going to run some of the delightful Dungeon Crawl Classics one-shots I've been accumulating. (Most likely Intrigue at the Courts of Chaos, The One Who Watches From Below, and Frozen in Time.)

I've also go this name rattling around in my head, "Betrayal at Kallanax." I have no idea what it is. It have no idea what system its for, though I get the vague notion it should be an X-Plorers scenario.
It's entirely possible the name came from a half-remembered PC game, Betrayal at Krondor, that my friend James had when we were wee lads. Oh, well. Still using it. 

The last time I had a name with no module, it turned into The Temple of Zirugar, which in turn became a trinity of modules run with B/X D&D, Mutant Future, and Stars Without Number at OSFest three years in a row. It also created the character of Zirugar, a sort of Dr. Who type character who serves Law, doesn't regenerate, has no compunctions about killing and puts his companions' brains into robots so they can serve him for eternity. (Wow, okay, so not really like Dr. Who at all...)

So now I have images of bubble-helmeted space explorers, a giant spire-city on a lunaresque landscape, and the notion that somebody- maybe even the PCs- is about to screw somebody over.

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