Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Darkness FUDGE Initial Notes

Here beginneth my notes for Darkness FUDGE, a sort-of WoD adaptation for FUDGE. What I'm actually going for is equal parts World of Darkness, the Night Watch series, the Dresden Files series.

Character Creation

 Attributes: All attributes begin at Fair, with 2 free levels available. No attribute can be raised above Superb at creation. Attributes can be lowered in order to gain levels to raise other attributes, but no attribute can be lowered below Terrible, and only one attribute may be Terrible. Each attribute has two sub-attributes that start at the same level. A PC can lower one to raise the other. For instance, a character with Good Physical has Good Physique and Good Agility, but could lower Agility to Fair to raise Physique to Great. No sub-attribute can be above Superb, and only two sub-attributes can be Superb in total.

-Physique (Modifies hand-to-hand damage and reduces damage received)
-Agility (Determines initiative, can be used to avoid some projectiles)

-Presence (Inspiring or intimidating others)
-Guile (Manipulating or charming others)

-Intellect (Book learning)
-Cunning (Wisdom/street smarts)

-Will (Much like Physique in mental combat)
-Humanity (Determines a character's self control, though losing this raises your potential power)

Select one archetype. (Those will be a different post entirely)

Gifts: 2 free Gifts. These refer to mundane/non-supernatural advantages. (Similar to Merits in WoD or Advantages in GURPS)

Powers: All supernormal powers determined by Archetype, plus three additional levels of powers. (Characters can use these levels to improve existing powers, purchase new powers, or learn sorcery)

Skills: Broad skill groups. 20 free levels. Characters can begin with no more than one skill at Superb and two skills at Great.

Characters can also take Faults and Banes for additional levels in things. Faults are mundane disadvantages or flaws, such as bad temper or being flat broke. Banes are supernatural weaknesses, like being especially vulnerable to silver or having to drain blood to survive.
1 Fault= 1 Gift, 1 Bane= 1 Power.

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