Monday, April 14, 2014

Darkness FUDGE- Powers and Sorcery (Initial Thoughts/Ideas)

Alright, powers needs a different name. They are basically inherent supernatural abilities, like werewolves being crazy strong or vampires not aging. These are things that just are.

Sorcery is magic. You channel forces, you have to spend power, and reality is twisted to your whims. Sorcery has to be deliberately learned with a few exceptions.

Two conceits:
-Witches/Sorcerers cannot have Powers. (Disciplines? Help me find a word.) They are physically human, so they don't just regenerate or see in the dark or whatever.

-Werewolves cannot learn Sorcery. Sorcery causes werewolves extreme nausea and physical discomfort.  (This does raise the interesting question of what happens if a witch/sorcerer gets bitten by a werewolf...but we'll tackle that later.)

I'm currently drawing up three models for powers/sorcery:

1. Each power or path of sorcery has three levels of ability: Basic, Greater, and Elder. (And yeah, I kinda cribbed this idea from both Chill and After Sundown.) You have to take each level before you take the next level, each level costing one Power slot. (Taking Greater Regeneration costs two power slots.) Sorcery will probably be called Initiate, Adept, and Master.

2. Sorcery is a Hard skill, or rather each Path is. The effects from White Wolf powers are mapped to the FUDGE Fair, Good, Very Good, Great ,Superb. So, if you wanted to do Path of Cursing level 4, you'd have to get at least a Great result on your Path of Cursing skill roll. Powers would be more "fixed" in effect.

3. Powers and Sorcery gribbed from After Sundown: Basic powers are 1 Power, Advanced are 2, Elder are 3.

Below is a tentative list of powers. The Sorcery Paths are being cribbed from old White Wolf books. (Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, Sorcerer/Sorcerer revised, Ascension's Right Hand)

Power List-
-Natural Weapons: Claws, teeth, or other body parts you can use to inflict trauma. 
-Scale: Your attribute is put on another Scale, per FUDGE rules. This will usually apply to Physique (super strength/toughness) or Speed, but could possibly be argued for other attributes. -Natural Armor: Scales, armored skin, chitin, or whatever. Reduces damage, looks scary.
-Flight: Either winged or mystical.
-Fleshcraft: Warping skin, muscle, and bone to transform others. Might make this a sorcery actually.
-Night Vision: You can see in the dark.
-Telepathy: Send/receive thoughts.
-Telekinesis: Move objects and exert force with your mind.
-Regeneration: Heal faster, possibly reattach limbs and regrow organs.
-Hypnotize: Put someone in a trance, perhaps leave a suggestion they must follow.
-Charm: Make another desire your affections and friendship.
-Enrage: Trigger blind, berserk rage in another. (Might expand this into emotional manipulation)
-Illusion: Create images that aren't real, but can fool others.
-Veil: Invisibility/concealment
-Acute Senses: Supernaturally powerful sense. (Each is a separate power)
-Psychometry: Gain psychic impressions from objects/places.
-Shapeshifting: Change into a beast or animal.
-Doppleganger: Assume the appearance of another.
-The Sight: Sense magic and magical beings.
-Luck: Bring great fortune to another.
-Hex: Put a curse of ill luck on another.

I feel the need to categorize them. Curse you, White Wolf!

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