Saturday, April 5, 2014

Darkness Fudge: Skills and Gifts

Tentative skill list:
Academics, Animal Handling, Perception, Computer, Craft*, Athletics, Business, Drive, Fighting, Investigation, Empathy, Firearms, Language*, Melee, Artistic Ability*, Medicine, Larceny, Occult, Stealth, Streetwise, Survival, Science, Engineering, Rituals, Throwing 

Academics- Humanities/book learning
Animal Handling- Animal empathy, training, and care.
Perception- The ability to instinctively notice clues, sneaking enemies, etc.
Computer- Programming and hacking. (The ability to use a computer is assumed)
Craft- A skilled trade. Taken separately for each. (Electrician, Mechanic, etc.)
Athletics- The ability to run, jump, climb, swim, etc.
Business- Conducting deals, haggling, handling finances, etc.
Drive- The ability to maneuver a vehicle in dangerous situations. (Ability to drive is assumed)
Fighting- Unarmed combat, from barroom brawling to trained martial arts.
Investigation- Conducting research, deliberately searching an area.
Empathy- The ability to "read" people's emotions, motivations, and deceptions.
Firearms- The ability to shoot guns.
Language- Taken for each language. The ability to speak a language beyond your native.
Melee- Fighting with hand-to-hand weapons.
Artistic Ability- Being skilled in an art/performing art. Taken for each mode of expression.
Medicine- Treating wounds, identifying diseases, identifying medicines.
Larceny- Picking pockets, opening locks, and find/remove tr- er, I mean bypass security systems.
Occult- Knowledge of magic and supernatural creatures.
Stealth- Sneaking, hiding, and shadowing.
Streetwise- Knowing where to get illegal/shady goods/services/info, navigate urban landscapes.
Survival- How to obtain food and shelter in the wilderness.
Science- A general knowledge of the "hard" sciences, such as chemistry or biology.
Engineering- Being able to design, built, or modify technology.
Rituals- The ability to cast ritual magic.
Throwing- The ability to hit with thrown weapons, slings, bows, and similar weapons.

*Skill can be taken multiple times with different concentrations. For instance, a character could take Language (Spanish) and Language (German), or Craft (Mechanics) and Craft (Construction.)

Skill specialization: Players may choose to specialize in a specific aspect of a skill. For instance, Medicine could be specialized as Medicine/Surgery, or Melee could be specialized as Melee/Disarm. When using their skill in a situation where their specialization would apply, treat the skill as being one level higher. For instance, if you have Occult/Demonology at Good, you are considered to have Great skill level if you are researching a demon's true name, but still Good if you were researching some type of faerie or weaknesses specific to Chinese Hopping Vampires.

Tentative gift list:
Ally- A loyal (but weaker) NPC partner. Take it multiple times for multiple allies or an ally who is stronger .
Ambidextrous- Use both hands equally. You can also fight with two weapons, which... let's face it, is why you took this.
Attractive- You're pretty. People tend to react to you better.(+1)
    -Very Attractive- You have celebrity good looks and always make an impression.(+2)
Composed- It's hard to mentally rattle you. (+1 against fear)
Fast Reflexes- You tend to go first in combat and are rarely caught off guard.
Common Sense- You get a GM hint when you are about to do something monumentally stupid.
Contacts- You know people who can give you info or do minor favors. Take it multiple times for increasingly well connected contacts or for multiple types of contacts. (Corporate, Occult, etc.)
High Pain Threshold- You treat wounds as one level less for purposes of wound penalties.
Tough- You have an extra Scratch box and an extra Hurt box.
        -Very Tough- You have an extra Hurt box and an extra Very Hurt box.
Wealthy- You have significantly more money than average, though you still work.
          -Very Wealthy- You have more money than you'll ever need, and you don't have to work. 
Minions- Weaker than allies, but far easier to command.
Keen Sense- You get +2 on Perception rolls dealing with one specific sense. This isn't supernatural.
Famous- You are well known for something.
           -Very Famous You are nationally, perhaps internationally renowned.
Lucky-Get a reroll every game session.
           -Very Lucky- Get two rerolls per session.
Perfect Balance- It is difficult to knock you down or disorient you. (+1 Agility or Will to avoid) 
Sanctum- You have a safehouse, hideout, or other semi-hidden place where you can sleep, hide, perform blasphemous rituals, etc. Additional gifts can be spent to add gear, guards, security measures,bonuses to ritual magic, etc.

Rather than try to come up with every single possible Gift, I'm going to be flexible to player ideas on the matter. Generally, my two guidelines are a.) A gift might have a "Very" level for two gifts, but that's it and b.) Gifts are things that any human could theoretically have. They are not supernatural or supernormal in any way. Those advantages lie in the realm of Powers.

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