Monday, April 7, 2014

Intrigue at the Courts of Chaos plus Against the Darkness

Yesterday, I rocked Intrigue with my online group. (Well, three our of five of them.)

The adventure was designed for six 1st level characters, but we had three 2nd-3rd level characters, so it was all good. I also converted it from DCC to Lamentations, which was actually so easy to do it's hardly worth mentioning.

The God That Crawls crew returned for this adventure: Sister Hester St. John, (grim-faced witchfinder) Daniel Bakersford,  (surprisingly well-educated common soldier) and Spencer Willingham. (Scholarly magic-user) They all survived relatively unscathed, though they have earned the ire of some of the powers in the universe. I'm also not sure if Sister Hester and Spencer can adventure in the same party without the use of charm person, but we'll see. (They had a distinct disagreement on what course of action the party should take)

My next plan is to run A Thousand Dead Babies, which may take more than one Sunday to resolve.

I also have other plans for this group that includes some non-D&D stuff.

Also, weird coincidence: parts of this module are made decidedly easier if the party found the right combination of potions from The God That Crawls. I feel I can say that without spoiling much.

So, the day before I rocked Intrigue with the online group, I went to a local gaming convention. I played Against the Darkness. It's a legit little game, only 60-some pages and pretty easy to roll right out of the box. The short version: Vatican-sponsored badasses with holy powers fight demons and evil dudes and such. The system appeared to be kind of Savage World-esque at first, but it's actually more like the Unisystem but with variable dice and no wonky 10s's/1s's business.
...meh. It's an okay game, but you could do the same thing with Savage Worlds, or FUDGE without too much trouble. The scenario was fun enough and I enjoyed the GM.

Still hammering away at Darkness Fudge.

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