Friday, April 4, 2014

We Bringin' Warden Back

Goodman Games is bringing back Metamorphosis Alpha.

This makes me happy.

Like, a lot.

Now granted, I could run an MA-style game using Mutant Future or one of two older versions of Gamma World that I already own, but anybody who has read this blog more than twice probably knows what a sucker I am for nostalgia.

I also neglected to mention that I picked up The One Who Watches From Below, the latest (I think) DCC Module, for a mere dollar from the LGS fire sale. It was wrapped in plastic, so it is in pristine condition. A delightful module that I would dearly love to run.

I think I neglect DCC more than I ought to. The book may be a hefty tome, but I need to remember that most of it is spells, since each spell requires an entire page.

I'm going to try to run for my online group this weekend. I think I might run A Thousand Dead Babies. I haven't run for them in several weeks for various reasons. (Cat went to the emergency clinic last weekend, was still in a funk from losing Mike the weekend before that, grad school the week before that ,etc, etc.)

There's a local gaming convention, PretzCon, in town this weekend. I'm considering going tonight. I might try to run a pickup game, though it seems the con is decidedly weighed in favor of the board game type stuff. The only RPG stuff on the docket is Pathfinder. (Gods, I hate Pathfinder.*)

*Yes, I have tried it. I've played it and I've run it and I just don't like it. Sorry.

Still chipping away at my FUDGE Night Watch/Dresden Files/WoD/Stuff mashup. I need to get powers and sorcery written up and then I will consider that pig to be kicked.

I do so love kicking pigs.

Game on. 

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