Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Further Thoughts on Ravenloft and Space Opera

I've always loved Ravenloft. I started reading the (admittedly terrible) novels in junior high and even into high school, when I had otherwise washed my hands of fantasy fiction. (I turned kind of snobby for awhile. It was a thing. ) I only played Ravenloft as an RPG a handful of times, mainly because I became convinced that AD&D was absolutely the wrong system for the setting. I always thought that perhaps FUDGE was a better fit, and I did in fact run a Ravenlofty FUDGE game once in college, just a one-shot deal.

However, LotFP has actually given me the idea that Ravenloft is fine, just fine, with AD&D or a D&D clone as the engine behind it. The flavor of Ravenloft doesn't exactly gel with the default flavor of LotFP, but I think it's close enough for me.

There are a few conceits from yesteryear that I have abandoned.

1. The PCs should be able to beat the monster in a straight fight.
2. PC death is something to avoid. 
3. All the "interesting" monsters are too powerful for starting characters
4. PCs don't want to play spellcasters in a setting with unpredictable magic.

 Today after I finish work, I plan to take a look at the Guide to Gothic Earth and see how well the classes in it map to LotFP, as well as how easily I can make the proficiency system into an X-in-6 setup.

Now, on to Space Opera...

This is what I'm thinking: RIFTS Phase World/Three Galaxies, but using Stars Without Number as the rules. I'm taking the basic ideas and concepts, not trying to convert e'erthang.

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  1. Bring it ON!!!! I want my floating disk to morph into a dimensional door. And then BACK.