Friday, May 23, 2014

Phase Without Number: The Mega-Damage Elephant in the Room

So, I want to run a game for my Skype Group set in Palladium's Phase World/Three Galaxies setting, but I don't want to use the Palladium system; I want to use Stars Without Number.

I've been thinking about how to do Mega-Damage in a D&D like system, and I have come to the following conclusion: Screw it.

This is how it works: Tech Levels.

Weapon and armor of the same Tech Level work normally against each other.

Weapons vs. armor of a higher TL-  For every TL higher the armor is, the weapon inflicts half damage if it hits. A TL 2 weapon is going to do 1/4 damage vs. TL 4 armor.

Weapons vs. armor of a lower TL- For every TL below the weapon, the armor is treated as being one category lighter, or 2 AC worse if you're going by the book. So, TL 4 armor that grants AC 4 grants only AC 6 vs. TL 5 weapons. The worst an armor can provide is AC 9, the equivalent of unarmored, meaning that the weapon essentially blows straight through the armor.

Will it work? No idea, but I'm going to try it.


  1. Give Mega Damage Structures a Damage resistance. Don't beat the DR don't damage the structure.

    Mega Damage Weapons ignore DR of a Mega Damage Structure and do X10 damage to non-Mega-Damage Structures.

    Just my 2 credits....

  2. Yes, I think DR 10/ mega damage wpn would be good enigh for the feel. Maybe divide the DR by (TL DIF+1).

    Check out how FUZION handles scale for more ideas if you haven't already read it.

    1. It has been many a year since I read or played a Fuzion game. I think the only Fuzion thing I have in my possession right now is Mekton Zeta. That basically had Mega-Damage but on a 25:1 rather than a 100:1 scale.

      It also didn't really have the monkey wrench that RIFTS throws in, being that vehicle scale firepower is available in infantry-sized weapons and armor.

    2. You can download Fuzion here ( Converting Kills to DC & the reverse is on pp46-47. I like the simplicity & the conversion of excess to knock back.